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Sean McElhone
Date: Today. Whenever that might be. Smile
RE: Increasing your affiliate commissions


Dear Affiliate,


If I could show you a way to increase your affiliate commissions without any hassle, would you be interested? Years ago affiliate marketing was much easier, why? For the simple fact that there were many less people online promoting affiliate offers. Back in the day they were actually called "associate" programs.


Think about it, back then when a new product was released, (known as a "Product launch" in todays world), there were a handful of affiliate marketers. As you know, this is certainly not the story today, is it?


In todays affiliate world the competition is huge...


There are thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of
other affiliates out there competing against you to promote
the same affiliate program that you are promoting.


It's no wonder that the average affiliate gets tiny commission checks if they get any commission checks at all.


Does This Comic Tell Your Story?


Take a look at this comic and see if it rings all too familiar...


Small Affiliate Commissions?  Get A Payraise!


That's a funny comic unless it's like looking in the mirror, huh? Most affiliates I talk to feel like they're the inspiration for this comic, because they can relate to the thought conveyed in it.


The sad reality is this: the average affiliate doesn't generate an affiliate commission check big enough to take their family out to dinner.


Why is that a "sad" reality? Simply because most affiliates are sincere, hard-working folks who really are trying to make it work and they are just competing with so many other affiliates that it's just not working.


THINK ABOUT THE MATH: If there are 5,000 affiliates doing some kind of promotion for an offer and they all just average "ONE" sale, that's 5,000 customers who are off the market for that offer. For many offers that's complete saturation ... most products simply don't sell that many copies. And no affiliate can get by on "one" sale. Competition is killing the average affiliate.


Let me repeat that last statement again because it's so true. Competition is killing the average affiliate. It's past the point where there are too many people all vying for the same limited number of sales.


And many of those other affiliates are "gurus" and "super affiliates" with lots of influence... big lists, high-traffic sites and so forth.

How can the "average" affiliate compete?

While that's a bleak (and accurate) picture of affiliate marketing ten years after I started, there is some very encouraging news...


The "Average" Affiliate Can See "Above Average" Commissions Starting With Their Very Next Check!


Here's the point where I really believe you're gonna have a complete mental shift in how you approach affiliate marketing.


I want to share a simple statement with you that will produce significant results for your affiliate marketing business if you realize how critical it is ... and if you use it. Let this sink in...


Any affiliate can see an immediate spike in the size of
their affiliate commission checks by working smarter, not harder.


That's the key. The answer is not in working longer hours or completing more tasks or trying out more "groundbreaking offers of the week".


The key is to work smart.


To outsmart the competition.


To work less because you're getting greater results by doing smart, strategic things to increase your affiliate commissions regardless of what the competition is doing.


There are some specific things you can do that will give you an edge. Some specific things you can do in order to automatically increase your affiliate commissions. Introducing...


Affiliate Marketing Payraise™:
27 Ways To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions


What is the "one thing" that every person on the planet with a "job" wants? They'd like a "pay raise", right? Thing about that for just a moment...


Who wouldn't want to get paid more for the same amount of hours worked ... or even get paid more for LESS amount of hours worked?!


Its a no-brainer really. Right now, all things being equal, which option would you rather have in your affiliate marketing...

OPTION A: Work X hours for X pay.

OPTION B: Work X hours for 3X pay.

OPTION C: Work 1/2X hours for 3X pay.

A is good. Be is better. C is best. Right?


Working half the hours and earning three times
the pay is obviously a great "pay raise".


That's what people want in any "job". That's what people want in "affiliate marketing". And that's what I'm going to show you how to do: work less and earn more.


What I've done is created a "greatest hits" manual with 27 of the top affiliate revenue generation ideas that I've personally used myself and taught "behind the scenes" to my top-level clients.


Here is what you'll learn from just the first 7 ideas in the manual alone when you download your copy below...


Download Your Copy A case study example showing how to make 500% more profit for the exact same amount of clicks to your affiliate link. This simple idea can easily be implemented within minutes and literally anyone can do it.
Download Your Copy The real key to getting consistent affiliate commission checks month after month.This is a great way to boost your monthly orders without putting in any extra work each month.
Download Your Copy How to get customers to buy from you instead of your competition.This is one of the most effective affiliate marketing techniques of all-time for "stealing" customers from other affiliates promoting the same offer as you.
Download Your Copy The one thing that you MUST do in order to maximize your affiliate conversions and automatically increase your commissions.This is where most affiliates really leave money on the table that is just waiting for them to add to their commission check.
Download Your The age-old way to automatically make more money that's been around long before affliate marketing.This simple idea takes the least amount of overall effort of anything you can ever do to increase commissions.
Download Your Copy How to play the "numbers game" and win at affiliate marketing.This is something almost not worth mentioning, but it IS a legitimate way to increase your commissions so I have to throw it in as one of the twenty-seven "greatest hits".
Download Your Copy How to put other people to work promoting your affiliate program for you.This is how you really see a spike in commissionable orders because dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other people can be convinced to generate sales for you.


And that's just the first seven ideas from the manual. There are twenty more as well!



"If you can't increase your affiliate commission checks with these ideas, then you simply aren't trying. Seriously. If you read through this manual and pick out just ONE strategy that you like and put it into practice it will boost your orders. Every one of these works. This is brilliant."


This 44-page manual is jam-packed with meaty affiliate marketing ideas, including...

  • 27 guaranteed ways to increase your affiliate commission checks regardless of what program you are promoting.

  • How to score big with affiliate marketing even if there are thousands of other people promoting the exact same product you are promoting.

  • Simple things you can do to boost your affiliate commission income by merely making a request.

  • How to get bigger commissions by making tiny strategic decisions that are almost too simple to mention but are amazingly overlooked.

  • A special "kind" of ezine article that always leads to extra orders through your affiliate link.

  • The one thing you're prospects are always looking for and how to use it in order to easily persuade them to order the product you're promoting.

  • How to promote multiple offers at the exact same time to get extra sales without extra effort.

  • 5 quick tips for separating yourself from the same old "cookie cutter" affiliate marketing that others are using ... and how it leads to additional orders.

  • The "big commissions" formula complete with examples and an actual email template you can swipe and use to put this formula into practice immediately.
  • The real reason why so many affiliates have small checks and what you can do in order to sidestep this barrier all the way to the bank.

  • The "30 day free training program" strategy that virtually guarantees extra orders through your affiliate link in MULTIPLE programs.

  • How to promote your favorite affiliate program using a simple ebay™ strategy.

  • The "work together" method that you and other affiliates can use to see a spike in ALL of your commission checks.

  • The affiliate marketing "shift in thinking" that will allow you to do everything in this report without doing anything at all.

As you can see, this is an invaluable manual to have for every affiliate.

In fact, that's exactly who I wrote this manual for: every affiliate!


Simple Enough For Beginners.
Creative Enough For Veterans.


This manual is one of the rare products you'll find in internet marketing circles that really caters to affiliates of all experience levels. It really is simple enough that beginners can glean invaluable ideas to use, but creative enough that veterans will definitely see a boost as well.


It's unlikely that anyone on the planet
is using all 27 of these ideas!


And all it takes is ONE of them to really make a difference in the size of your commission checks.

While I know you're excited at this point (you'll be even more excited when you see the price below, but no peeking. :-) I need to tell you something that's important before you download your copy...


What This Manual Is Not:

In this manual I share TWENTY-SEVEN (27) ideas. It is impossible for me to explain each of them in detail. If you are looking for a step-by-step, "how-to" manual on affiliate marketing, this is not it. Please do not order if you are expecting a complete tutorial on each concept because you're not gonna find it in this manual.

The manual is 40 pages long, showcases 27 great ideas for boosting affiliate commission checks, provides a description and super application tips for each of them and is worth its weight in cyber-gold. But it's not a "how to" manual. It's a "what to" manual.

Having said that, it IS "beginner friendly".

These strategies are easy to understand and most require very little knowledge to put into practice.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're currently promoting an affiliate program in any way, this will definitely help you increase commissions.


So the only real thing left to do is blow you away with the low-cost of this impressive and profit-producing manual...


How Much Would You Pay To Learn How To Increase
Your Commissions Every Month From Now On?


Okay, okay. You're convinced. So, how much is this going to cost you? Tell you what - why don't YOU decide what it's worth?


How Much Is It Worth? What price tag would YOU place on something that will show you how to increase the amount of money you're making from the affiliate marketing you're already doing? (I.E. More money from same amount of work ... or even less work!)
How Much Is It Worth? What price tag would YOU place on something that will show you 27 different ways to earn bigger commission checks from now on for the rest of your life as an affiliate marketer?


I mean, seriously -- I know you can easily see that this information is invaluable to you. Just do the math: everything you're doing now as an affiliate and everything you'll be doing in the future as an affiliate ... 27 ways to get more money from them!


Obviously, this can have a huge effect on your business.

SIDEBAR: I could easily charge $37.00 for this information and it would be a bargain for you. It's easily worth that and much more. Good grief, you could make that much back from the information inside this manual in your next check.

But, I've got a very special reason why I'm going to offer the

Affiliate Marketing Pay Raise course to you at a discounted price of only $9.97.


I figure I'll give you such a great deal on this manual that you'll take it and then fall in love with the content and style in which I share affiliate marketing information. My hope is that you'll go check out Commission Check Schematic and see why a "commission check business" (how to setup your own affilaite business) is one of the BEST, Easiest and Most Profitable Business Models You’ll Ever Find!


That's the truth. That's the way I do business.


So, wipe that smile off your face and order the manual for $9.97. It's a steal at that price. We both know it.


THIS IS THE PART THAT'S "FOOLPROOF":Do you realize just how substantial this opportunity is? Think about this for just a moment. The manual is ONLY $9.97. There's a very good chance you can make your purchase price back by using ONE of the 27 ideas just ONE time to promote ONE affiliate program that generates just ONE order which earns you a commission.

Imagine using all 27 of them over the months and years ahead to promote multiple affiliate programs. There is virtually NO WAY you can use this information and not get your money back dozens of times over.




Order Now At The Special Price Of $9.97


Yes, Sean, I want to get started immediately increasing my affiliate commissions.
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